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Dr. Gundala’s Care Philosophy 

“Cancer is life-altering and affects individuals both physically and emotionally. Yet, these are exciting times for Cancer patients as recent advances in the field of Oncology offer treatment options and tremendous hope for patients living with Cancer. Of utmost importance to me is to listen and assess the medical and emotional state of my patients, figure out most effective and comprehensive treatment options to my patients, continuously monitor how my patients respond to treatments and improvise, and being there for my patients throughout the process.

While it is my passion to beat cancer, I draw inspiration mostly from my patients who demonstrate the power, resilience, and endurance of human spirit over physical adversities, day after day.”

Louise Reedy-Horn, BSN-RN
Beverly Bartos, BSN-RN
Sophia Rosado, MA

Passionate and Genuinely Caring

“Dear Dr. Gundala: There are not enough words to write, trying to explain how you helped Auntie and us as a family through these last few years. They don’t make doc’s like you anymore- so passionate and so genuinely caring. you embrace the person, not a nameless patient. Auntie did not take to many –LOL– but you quickly won her over and she appreciated your care far beyond what we can write.

Your personality to help Auntie was a blessing. She was so ‘wore out’, you had a challenge getting information from her. We only wish you had had a chance to see her when she was her sharp and quick-witted self. We laughed to ourselves, on her last visit as you explained hospice, Velma said-“Well then I guess this is thank you and good-bye.” That was classic Velma.

Thanks for everything” – Flynn and Anita

A gift with compassionate heart!

“Dear Dr. Gundala: I am writing to thank you for your expert and compassionate for my wife during her months of diagnosis and treatment. Though the result was not what any of us were hoping for, I have no doubt whatsoever that you and your staff did all you could. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend you and the center to anyone who has cancer. I was highly impressed with your medical knowledge and judgment, your ability to explain situations to our family, and your personal concern for Lois.

The Bible says that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” (that is, from God), and you have been a great gift to our family, Dr. Gundala. Thanks again for all you did for us. I know you, like us, would have preferred that Lois survive and win her battle with cancer, but God chose to take home to Heaven to be with our savior, Jesus. I miss her so very much, but I am glad that she is suffering no longer and that I will see her again someday in heaven.

I know, Dr. Gundala, that you and we believe in the God who is supreme over all. I also know that you and we don’t have the same beliefs about Jesus. I would invite you to read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the New Testament to learn more about who Jesus really is.

Thanks again so much for all your care since last November. We appreciate you more than we can say. God bless you!”  – Ted G.

Warmth & Kindness!

“You radiate warmth and kindness. It was “heartwarming” to hear and watch you as you interacted with my good friend Bernie. Your visits always lifted his spirits.To have great knowledge and skill as a physician along with a true loving nature and the desire to heal is indeed a great gift to your patients, their families, and their friends. I reflect the feelings of Bernie’s family, friends and myself and extend to you most sincere thanks” – Larry P.

Dr. Gundala’s Latest Blog Posts

Patient Profile: All About the Trust

Ms. Kannady appreciated the difference in approach between the oncologists, “I felt safe with Dr. Gundala. She really listened and saw what I needed, which was to feel like my doctor truly cared about me. She didn’t scare me, and I felt safe with her. The other doctor wanted chemo right away, but Dr. Gundala ordered tests first to monitor my heart and assured me that my liver and kidneys would be monitored during treatment, too.”

To Wig or Not to Wig

Hair loss begins to set in usually two to three weeks after the first (chemotherapy) treatment. While not all treatments result in hair loss, many do, and patients should be sure and discuss what they can expect with their oncologist.

The Most Common Signs of Brain Tumors

The symptoms of a brain tumor vary depending on the location of the tumor within the brain and how fast it is growing. Benign brain tumors tend to be slow growing. while malignant, cancerous brain tumors tend to progress more quickly.

Integrative Medicine Comes to Hope & Healing Care Services

Hope & Healing Care Services is pleased to expand its services and introduce its patients to a more comprehensive approach to healthcare called integrative medicine. By recognizing the benefits of combining standard medical care with safe and effective complementary therapies, our goal is to treat not just the disease of cancer, but our patients as their whole selves.

Bladder Cancer 101: What to Know

The most prevalent sign or symptom of bladder cancer is to find blood in the urine. Any amount of blood detected in the urine is concerning and should be addressed with a medical professional. Other signs and symptoms include lower back pain, change in habits around urination, a pain or burning sensation when urinating, a weak stream of urine, or an increased sense of urgency to urinate, even when the output is minimal.

Taking a Summer Break from Cancer

“Breaks and vacations are an important part of a person’s wellbeing, and that includes people with cancer. If it is not feasible for a patient to take a long trip away because of their treatment schedule, I want to work with them to find a solution."

Five Sunscreen Myths and Tips for the Summer

It is that time of year again with warmer days when the bottles and cans of sunscreen come out with the beach umbrellas, bathing suits, and backyard picnics. Learn myths and tips to help choose the most effective sun protection.

Your Cancer Treatment Team

To help patients better understand the people who are tasked with helping them through treatment and recovery of cancer, here is some basic information about cancer treatment teams.

Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Cancer

Distress is normal during cancer treatment, but when those feelings begin to impact and interfere with treatment or other aspects of life like work, parenting, school, or relationships, it is time to seek help.

Patient Profile: Marisela Jimenez and Personalized Care

Mrs. Jimenez values the personal touch at Hope & Healing Care Center, “I walk through the door and everyone calls me by my first name. That is very important to me.” 

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